“I AM Humor Especial S. João” brings together Fernando Rocha, Hugo Sousa, Miguel 7 Estacas, João Seabra and special guest Emanuel Moura!

Coliseu Porto Ageas - June 22nd - 10pm

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The seventh edition of “I Am Humor” is presented by Adega de Borba and brings together the big names of humor in Portugal: Fernando Rocha, Hugo Sousa, Miguel 7 Estacas, João Seabra and guest Emanuel Moura.

In 2018, I AM Events organized, for the first time, a unique stand-up comedy show featuring comedians with Northern accents.

The success was such that, in the following years, the emblematic Coliseu Porto Ageas sold out, proving to be a resounding box office success.

The main characters are well known to the public and need no introduction:

Fernando Rocha is unanimously considered one of Portugal’s greatest comedians. He is currently a comedian, television presenter and actor.

Hugo Sousa is a stand-up comedian, humor writer, actor and presenter since 2003. Despite his success on television, he has never stopped performing comedy on stage and has already had several solo shows.

Miguel 7 Estacas first took to the stage to make people laugh in 1989. In 2003 he appeared on SIC’s “Levanta-te e Ri” program and has continued his career as a comedian with several comedy shows to date.

João Seabra is an actor, ventriloquist and well-known stand-up comedian who was revealed by SIC’s Levanta-te E Ri program in 2003. He continues his career in humor, touring the country with his stand-up shows.

The special guest, Emanuel Moura, is a Portuguese fado singer, comedian and broadcaster. He was born with the gift of being a great communicator and has a very special sense of humor. Also a lyricist, he takes the more traditional fado and gives it his own irreverent and good-natured touch.

According to Miguel Castro Oliveira, CEO of I AM Events, this is “a project that continues exactly as it began, carried out between friends, which has become a show that consecutively sells out the Coliseu do Porto. The secret of the event is its essence, a natural joy in the backstage and on stage that infects the audience.”

On June 22, at 10 p.m., the day before the longest night in the city, the show “I AM Humor especial São João”promises a memorable night of stand-up comedy, where laughter will be the queen of the event.

Tickets are on sale at: https://bit.ly/IAMHumor2024 and we suggest you buy them as soon as possible.