I AM and Mário Augusto come together to create “Páginas Ímpares”

The “Páginas Ímpares” project was born at the RTP Porto Innovation Center, in a union of synergies between I AM and Mário Augusto.

This new I AM service allows to produce your own personalized institutional book, written by Mário Augusto, in which he will promotes the history of your brand, company or organization.

With a 360º concept, “Páginas Ímpares” starts with the definition of the concept, including research, gathering of files, interviews and photographs. Then follows the stage of writing, design and printing, culminating in the launch event, curated by Mário Augusto.

Mário Augusto has been a journalist since 1986, worked and collaborated in the press, radio and television. He was the founder of Rádio Nova. He specialized in cinema at an early age and is the face of the award winning program “Janela Indiscreta”. In its bibliography, they already count several works on the seventh art and diverse collections of personalized books.

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